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gazouiller's Journal

Been there, done with that.
19 August 1983

Buy my Grandma's aprons:

ahi poke, alkaline trio, antique malls, art, baby art, babydolls, bad religion, bass guitar, beauty, beer, beer bongs, betty cooper, blank canvases, bleach blonde, blondie, bubblegum, cabernet sauvignon, cats, chicago, chucks, converse, cooking, crafts, crimpshrine, crooked teeth, danny elfman, debbie harry, descendents, donie bins, drawing, drugs, dune, eyes, fifteen., flea markets, fleetwood mac, floating in the ocean, froggy pajamas, fuzzy slippers, ghost stories, girls, green day, green eyes, haiku lighthouse, haunted houses, hawaii, hearts, heavens, hello kitty, hole, horror, hot rod, hot sauce, infatuation, insubordination fest, kalama park, kam 1, kelly & alison byrne, kitty cats, la perouse, leo, lillingtons, lips, lovedrops fairley, makena beaches, making things, mark ryden, mary janes, maui, misfits, my family, my friends, my grandma & grandpa, my life, myself, nancy spungen, nighttime, nineteen, november coalition, obama, oingo boingo, painting, partying with my cat, pasalacqua, patricia arquette, pinhead gunpowder, pop punk, pot, pro-choice, propagandhi, psychology, rats, recycling, red lipstick, rio leblanc, riverdales, san francisco, sanrio, sashimi, school, screeching weasel, sewing, sid vicious, sleep pants, sociology, squirtgun, star wars, stars, stephen king, stevie nicks, stoned watching movies, stray kitties, stuffed animals, sushi, tarot, teenage bottlerocket, the apers, the cars, the lawrence arms, the methadones, the network, the parasites, the queers, the weakerthans, the whore tree, thrift stores, thundercats, transformers, travoltas, trevor brown, turtles, twenty-seven, twin peaks, veronica lake, vintage, weezer, wiggle